ANCORTON MODELS - Ladders & Planks '00'

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  • ANCORTON MODELS - Ladders & Planks '00'
  • ANCORTON MODELS - Ladders & Planks '00'
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These ladders and planks are laser cut from top quality, 0.8mm thick, micro plywood.

The parts are held in the fret by short sections of uncut wood, which will need cutting with a modelling knife to release.

They are ideal for creating dioramas that require ladders and or planks, such as building sites, house painters, fruit pickers, etc.


4x  long ladders, (85 mm)                         5x  long planks,  (40 mm)
4x  medium ladders, (45 mm)                   3x  medium planks, (24 mm)
5x  fruit pickers ladders, (33 mm)             2x  short planks, (20 mm)
2x  very short planks, (15 mm)

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